Serre di Rapolano

A tiny village that conserved its medieval structures intact, still manages to charm us; within its encircling walls we can still see the Grancia (Granary), a fortified warehouse containing storage rooms for grain, wine, barrels, olives and straw. In the central square one notices the beauty of the chapel annexed to the old Palace of Justice where one still sees traces of 15th century frescoes. Next to the the aged-old Byzantine stronghold one finds the church of San Lorenzo and sant'Andrea with its splendid chapel of the Cacciaconti family and other admirable frescoes of the XlV century. Proudly facing the church across the Piazza the suggestive Palazzo Gori Martini in neo-gothic style. One walks through a labyrinth of narrow streets and silent avenues, discovering small squares bordered on all sides by feudal residences and noble homes, and at last one reaches the church of Santa Caterina, a small, but sumptuous oratory filled with valuable works of art.