The Province of Siena, where Il Chiassale is located, contains a richness that is unique in the world: remarkable differences in surroundings, from the barren Crete hills, rich with sunflowers in spring, to the wooded Nature Reserves. A countryside where ancient cities, often built on hilltops, from tales of the past play an important role in the landscape. Each small town as well as the larger cities breathes the atmosphere from a time that has to be seen in order to tell.

Scattered throughout the province of Siena are a large number of old medieval cities and villages which are home to inviting, cosy restaurants offering the finest local and regional food and spirits and, in addition, specialist craft shops. Il Chiassale is the perfect base from which to enjoy it all. Florence (A1 motorway, 80km), Perugia 75(km) and even Rome (A1 motorway, 200 km) are all relatively close.

This menu is not meant as a cultural touristic guide, but moreover to give all visitors a general visual impression of this past-and-present experience. To give each visitor a certain impulse-opinion of "what this region is all about".