"The Makers of this website!" Act One

Act One Corporate Design, member of Act One Communications, is a Dutch communication desk for companies in the Netherlands and abroad. The bureau maintains a very certain level and vision about the "art of colour", and maintains a very stubborn status as such. It is for this reason, for instance, that the choice of colour for this website feels mainly "white", "open" and offers a Spartan, yet pleasant look on the Province of Siena. Colour in this concept must not be a diversion, let images speak for themselves.


Act One Communications works, amongst others, for:

* Volvo Industries
* Subaru Industries
* Joico Europe
* Daf Trucks
* Phillips Lighting


Correspondance adress: PO Box 98 5275 ZH Den Dungen
Tel: 0031-411-63 50 66


e-mail: designers@act-one.nl